Through the combination of preparatory lectures and student seminars and the 10 days excursion to a Mediterranean country, this module provides participants with interdisciplinary insights into the ecological, socio-cultural and economic components of sustainable agricultural systems and practices within the Mediterranean context.

The different agricultural systems, from small- to large size farms, enterprises, local associations and non-governmental organisations to be visited during the excursion will exemplify the opportunities and challenges of agricultural activities in their specific context. In addition, particular attention will be paid to aspects of sustainability, water management, social and local well-being, and environmental safety.

The participation of different universities and international research institutions will allow the MSc students to gain a first impression on how field research is organized and carried out in the Mediterranean countries. In addition, the participation of local associations and non-governmental institutions will provide another view of the social, and economic contexts, as well as, conflicts of the specific visited region/country.