Masterstudierende aus unterschiedlichen Masterstudiengängen
•Wirtschaft, Psychologie und Management
•Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften
•Business Studies


Lehrformen und Prüfungsleistungen

•Spezifische Grundlagen zu den Seminarthemenaufbauend auf der Bachelor-Vorlesung „Einführung in die Verhaltensökonomik“


•Zu den Seminarthemen replizieren die Studenten in Gruppen einfacheExperimentein Form von Klassenzimmer-Experimenten.

Präsentationund Diskussion
•Die Studenten stellen als Gruppe grundlegende Ergebnisseihrer Experimente vor und diskutieren theoretische Hintergründe.

•Hauptprüfungsleistung ist eine individuelle Seminararbeit zu den verhaltensökonomischen theoretischen Grundlagen der Experimente.

The seminar "Contemporary Issues in Behavioural Economics" introduces students to the scientific literature in selected fields of Behavioural Economics. We will read some of the key contributions to these fields. These include experimental studies, theoretical contributions and empirical studies based. You are expected to work through these contributions (the main readings) and – whenever necessary – consult background literature.

The course will be reading-intensive! Written assignments are kept to a minimum to keep the workload manageable.

Rules of the seminar:

  1. Participation is mandatory in all sessions.
  2. You are expected to prepare for the sessions by working through the mandatory readings.
  3. To receive 6 ECTS, you need to

a.) give two presentations on two different topics from the list of topics.
b.) write a short term paper (5-6 pages in English) to one of the presentations,
c.) make significant contributions to the discussions throughout the course.

Non-presenters are expected to participate actively in the discussion, comment on the presentation and discuss the content of the main readings in class.

4) The grade depends on the quality of the term paper and the presentations only. The term paper accounts for 50 % of the final grade. Term paper and both presentations have to be graded at least 4.0 (passed).

Please come to our office (rooms 3209A and 3101B, Wiso A) to sign up for the seminar. (Signing up for the course via Moodle or HIS is not sufficient!)

The course gives an overview on current challenges inside Energy Economics. It introduces into the field´s basic concepts and theories and presents methods to analyse demand and supply markets of various energy carriers in the short- and long-run. The course aims to link theory to current developments and challenges of local and global energy policies, focussing among others on electricity markets, regulation and environmental theories. (Lecture-seminar combination)