In 2021 our study tour targets Ghana and Benin in West-Africa. The 16 days field excursion in March 2021 will be preceded by a series of preparatory student seminars. The excursion programme entails visits to agricultural producers, processing and trading enterprises along the wood, food and agricultural product chain from small to large scale, agricultural administration, development organisations, research institutions and universities. The programme is designed to exemplify opportunities and challenges of forestry and agricultural land use activities in their specific contexts. Particular attention is paid to aspects of sustainability, environmental safety and organic agriculture and, in the specific case of West-Africa, to the colonial and post-colonial history of the two countries.

MSc Program SIA,  mandatory module M.SIA.A10M
This module introduces students to key topics in animal nutrition and feed evaluation, with special reference to the particularities of tropical environments. The module offers a mix of lectures, laboratory practicals and calculation exercises, so as to provide students with in-depth insight into animal nutrition.

Due to the Corona pandemic, lab exercises are scheduled for the second half of the semester and may be replaced by video tutorials depending on the sanitary situation.

The lectures are offered online, via Panopto and Zoom and will start on 4 November 2020.

This module for BSc students is taught in English language and discusses the main crop and livestock systems of tropical and subtropical regions. Next to providing an overview about relevant crop-, livestock- and mixed systems, specific details about particular tropical plants, such as rice and banana, and animal species, such camels and buffaloes, are provided.

The course is taught online via Zoom, the first meeting is on 3 November 2020 at 14:15 h.