Digitalization and digital learning have developed into the number one “hot” topic in education. Despite this fact there is a big gap both in theory and practical implementation. 

Students will read texts on studies and implementations carried out. They will analyse, discuss and reflect on the different ways presented to use digital learning. Based on this knowledge, participants will develop ideas how to implement digital learning in the EFL pupil centred classroom with respect to literacy development. 

Main topics:

  • What is Digital Learning?
  • Research, Theory, Concepts, Tools, and Debates
  • Critical Literacy 
  • How can teachers use digital learning to promote EFL learner's language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening?
  • Evaluation of students’ performance in a digital learning environment 


Digitalization in education is not about just shifting from pencil to screen or from blackboard to smartboard, it is about allowing students to autonomously enhance their learning.