As a prospective English language teacher you have to learn how to actively respond to the demands posed by globalisation, multilingualism and digitalisation. This makes our profession extraordinary and interesting. 

In this course students will acquire basic knowledge of major EFL teaching approaches and methodological principles as well as typical EFL learner characteristics. Students will learn how these approaches and methods on the one hand and specific learner demands on the other hand can best be aligned. This knowledge will constantly be linked to practical issues of classroom teaching. 

Main topics:

  • Teaching methods 
  • Receptive skills: reading and listening
  • Productive skills: writing and speaking
  • Heterogeneous groups 
  • Language awareness and critical literacy 
  • Intercultural and transcultural learning
  • Digital learning 
  • Literature and Film 
  • Lesson planning and classroom management
  • Evaluation and assessing 
  • History and current educational standards and curricula