This seminar introduces you to the specific approach applied in the master’s program Global Political Economy and Development. It is designed as a supplementary tutorial to the core courses ‘Governance of the World Markets’ and ‘Introduction to Globalization and Development.’ The course covers the following questions:

·        What is Global Political Economy and how did it emerge as an academic approach?

·        What is the ‘political’ in GPE and why is the analysis of history and power relations essential?

·        Why do ‘theory’ and ‘critique’ matter for GPE research?

·        How can GPE analysis of the contemporary world economy look like?

The course is structured into three parts, namely (I) What is Global Political Economy?; (II) History, Power, Theory & Critique; and (III) Contemporary GPE Analysis, to which we will devote one seminar day (10am-4pm) respectively. The seminar is based on readings and students are expected to (a) read all texts, (b) highlight important arguments, and (c) note questions and criticism prior to the seminar sessions. Moreover, students are expected to actively participate in class discussions. There are neither assignments nor grades for this tutorial, which primarily seeks to prepare you for other courses in the GPED master’s program. The course is primarily oriented towards students who have no background in social sciences, however, students who are unfamiliar with International Political Economy (IPE) are also welcome to participate.