This seminar will focus on a dimension of literature often neglected in popular analysis: the space(s) a story takes place in. Unlike in movies, locations in literary text are never presented wholly and objectively, but are shaped by the words of a narrator and, occasionally, the perspective of the characters. We will revisit some of the concepts you should have encountered in the OK, such as “mood invested space” or “space of action” as well has consider a few new approaches related to space, such as the difference between a house and a home.

Please note that this class takes place on Monday at 10am for those who wish to attend in person and on Tuesday at 4pm as an online class. While we are allowed to meet up indoors at reduced capacities at the moment, I cannot guarantee this will be the case throughout the whole semester. If there are new restrictions that make teaching in person impossible, both classes will take place online.

IMPORTANT: The first session for both slots will take place on zoom so no one has to be sent away due to room's capacities!