Speaking and listening are two undoubtedly crucial language skills and developing these competences can be seen as one of the main goals of every language teacher and learner. Due to their critical role in the language learning process, fostering these skills is also part of every school curriculum and almost every language learning scenario. Accordingly, this course will provide an overview of the theoretical framework of the two language competences. It will further investigate different theoretical and practical approaches and models to implementing teaching and learning strategies in the EFL classroom. Apart from discussing the roles of ‘speaking’ and ‘listening’ in the foreign language classroom and other communicative settings, the course will draw on more specific topics, such as different learning strategies and learner types, intercultural awareness and sociocultural knowledge, and evaluating and providing feedback on these language skills. Lastly, all students will develop and present their own lesson plans with a focus on either speaking or listening activities. This hands-on approach will allow for a more in-depth understanding of how to develop and implement lesson plans or classroom activities that can foster the students’ speaking and/or listening competences.