This lecture will provide a general overview of the complex and interdisciplinary issue of gender and its construction. We will discuss various theoretical texts which focus on the historical, sociological, psychoanalytic, feminist, and men's studies' dimensions of gender and will then apply them to exemplary literary texts. A reader will be made available as soon as possible; please watch out for further information on my homepage / on Moodle.

Note: the written exams in literary studies ("Fachklausur Literaturwissenschaft") for "Englisch" (L1, L2, L3, L4) will be based on material which is surveyed in this lecture. Hence, exam candidates are encouraged to attend this lecture and the corresponding Übung.

DIGITAL: A recording of this lecture and a corresponding power point presentation will be available online on Moodle, so you can listen to it whenever you want to. Please register on Hispos first, then I’ll send you a password for Moodle (as soon as the 'new' Moodle allows).