This compulsory SIA module provides an overview on the different forms of animal husbandry systems in developing and transformation countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, ranging from camel nomadism in deserts to beef ranching and intensive dairying in tropical highlands.
System-specific livestock management is analysed in view of ecological and economic sustainability, thereby differentiating between market and subsistence oriented systems.

MSc Program SIA,  mandatory module M.SIA.A10M
This module introduces students to key topics in animal nutrition and feed evaluation, with special reference to the particularities of tropical environments. The module offers a mix of lectures, laboratory practicals and calculation exercises, so as to provide students with in-depth insight into animal nutrition.

This module for BSc students is taught in English language and discusses the main crop and livestock systems of tropical and subtropical regions. Next to providing an overview about relevant crop-, livestock- and mixed systems, specific details about particular tropical plants, such as rice and banana, and animal species, such camels and buffaloes, are provided.