Chinesisch Wintersemester 2021/2022

Montags und Donnerstags 9:00-10:30

Dozentin:Hong Fan-Hofmeister

Participants in this course will explore varied and controversial elements of critical theory currently used in academic writing within the Humanities and Social Sciences in universities in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. Critical theory addresses race, gender, (dis)ability and other forms of identity which are sometimes viewed as intersectional. We will examine how activism impacts academic writing and how writers use critical theory to impact activism. Please note that this course will promote a free exchange of ideas and will not require participants to take a position on a social or political issue. Participants will have the freedom to choose their own writing topics. A focus on clear, revised and accessible written discourse will be the goal of each brief, in-class writing assignment.

Although this course will be offered using Zoom, we can also have occasional meetings on campus for interested participants who would like to meet in-person during the semester. 

Dieser Kurs dient zur Organisation der Tutor:innenausbildung am FB 02, für welche ich (Murat Sezi) verantwortlich bin.