The topic of the lecture is the introduction of molecular symmetries using permutation inversion groups. The lecture builds on the contents of the lecture "Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy I" (MolPhys I) of the winter semester. Both lectures are self-contained, so you should be able to follow the MolPhys II lecture even if you have not heard the MolPhys I lecture.

The lecture is based on the book Fundamentals of Molecular Symmetry (Jensen/Bunker) and a lecture about symmetries in molecular physics, which my colleague Prof. Jensen (Uni Wuppertal) developed over several years and gave to students of the master course of studies in physics in Wuppertal, Cologne and via video also in Kassel. I have received permission from Prof. Jensen to provide you with the slides, exercises and video recordings of the lecture.

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Fundamentals of the Physics of Diatomic Molecules: Rotation, Vibration, Electronic Excitations, Molecular Bonds, Potential Energy Curves, Born-Oppenheimer Approximation, Franck-Condon-principle, Beyond Born-Oppenheimer, Avoided Crossings, Molecular Spectra, Lineshapes

Lays the foundations to the course laboratory astrophysics I (multiatomic molecules)

Kurs zur Vorlesung Quantenmechanik I.